Sometimes business just doesn’t go as planned; what do you do?

BusinessLegals helps you from A to Z. We can assist, advise and support you with:
  • Interim management: maybe you need strategic advice and support, but also assistance with executing the agreed strategy. We will stand by your side and support you throughout the entire process: from financial to comnmercial to general management.
  • Angry creditors: craft new agreements and deadlines with your creditors by setting out a new strategy and discussing and explaining it to them.
  • Angry employees: presenting the new plan and helping them accept changes – keeping in mind their families and livelihoods.
  • Strategy direction: Maybe you want to set a new course, or try out a new concept. We’ll advise and support you throughout the entire process.
  • Company structure/restructuring: Maybe you need to make huge changes: from employees to your accountants to your lawyers. We’ll set up a company wide overview with an in-depth analysis, and then we’ll get to work on the changes methodically.
  • Financial management: are you looking for money (for expansion/growth), do you need an extensive financing plan with a 5- or 10-year plan? We’ll write the plans for you and can assist and support you in your talks with international investors – from Superangels to Venture Capitalists to Private Equity firms.
BusinessLegals provides the best support for the lowest price. We’ll agree to set prices per module so that there will be no surprises. Read more about our other services and specialities, or send us the contact form.
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